Thursday, February 25, 2010

I hate this term....

but I just realized I'm a sucker for a douchebag. Serge Gainsbourg really was a douchebag, right? A Parisian "treasure" but a douche nonetheless....shit...I also like Brandon Davis and that one-glove-wearing "pot" dealer, Tom Sullivan...and my female hero list is ripe with douches...Heidi Fleiss (she wears sweats!!!!!!!!!! Hell, she designed sweats), Victoria Sellers, Amy Fisher, Monica Lewinsky, Catherine Guinness, Ann Woodward, Tiffany Limos, all of that Kardashian family.

Just, please don't tell me Andy Warhol was a douche bag...or Edie Sedwick, because I just named my baby after her.

PS I'm suprised I don't like Spike Jonze

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